Friday, August 29


We welcomed the WNBA back into action tonight at the Storm/Comets game. The Storm continued their home dominance and held the Comets to a measly 49 points -- TT only notched 8 points, half of which came at the stripe. Which brings me to my point: Holy fucking Christ, Batman, did the officiating suck tonight. You want to call it tight? Okay. I don't like how it slows the game down, but fine. However, you have to call it both ways, bitches. The Storm was whistled for 29 fouls to the Comets 18, and five of those 18 were called in the last two minutes of the game when the Comets just started blatantly fouling because the refs likely wouldn't call it anyway. I couldn't count the number of times the boos rained down on the officials tonight, but I gotta say they deserved it.

The fouls really mucked things up, but even so, the Storm still look confused offensively without LJ. Their defense is really what is keeping them in these games, but 66 points isn't going to cut it every time.

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