Friday, September 26


I finally finished Bleak House. I feel totally accomplished. Plus, it only took me four weeks of reading it during my lunch break to finish. I consider that speedy for a 990-page book. Someone at work today asked me what it was about, and I was all, "It's a novel. By Dickens." Dickens does not lend to pithy summaries, people. It was about life, and death, and the court system in the mid-1800s in London, and about secrets and lies, and you know, housekeeping. It was good, though a bit heavy-handed at times, but Dickens was trying to say something, people.

Perhaps my favorite thing about reading it was how it inspired me to try to write a mortgage-crisis-related headline that began with "Bleak houses." Seriously. How awesome would that be? Just me? Okay.

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