Sunday, September 7

Roller coaster ride

The Storm game tonight was tough. On the one hand, the team rallied back from a double-digit deficit to win against the Lynx, improving their home record to 15-1. I gave myself a headache, I was screaming so much. On the other hand, all of that seemed pretty silly when Swoopes went down after an elbow to the head. She didn't move; it was awful. Especially because I knew her son, Jordan, is a ball kid and had to just sit and watch like the rest of us. They ended up taking her out on a stretcher, but thankfully, preliminary indicators are good.

And then after that, as newly minted season-ticket holders, we got to go to a special session after the game, and we met Sue Bird and Katie Geralds. That was pretty fucking sweet right there. (It was also there that we met the president of Force 10 Hoops, who gave us the good news about Swoopes.)

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