Thursday, October 16

I should get laid off more often

Up close
Well, I may no longer have a job (how much does the economy suck?), but on the bright side, I got an ass-load of roses, and I have way more time for blogging now. And I can catch up on America's Next Top Model and Dancing with the Stars.

On the non-bright side, I was so not expecting to be out of work when I got up this morning. (Right, or why the hell would I have gotten up?) And it is so weird to be caught off guard like that at work. And now I'm seriously rethinking all those CDs I bought. Also, it's weird to be home in the middle of the day again, drinking. I kid! Clearly, I'm watching Dawson's Creek.

A shout-out to my former peeps at SG! I'll be keepin' it real, yo. Also, I'll be calling on you for references.

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