Thursday, December 4

Just a few things

1. Why do I have such a hard time pulling the trigger on online orders for Christmas? Could it be because I bought something yesterday and then found it cheaper today?!? No, what I bought yesterday was perfect, and it had more stuff included, and I have to quit second-guessing and just order this shit and get it over with so I don't have to pay extra shipping. Right? Right.

2. I am fucking in love with the Netflix instant queue via the XBox 360. It is awesometastic in a way that few things in this miserable world are. Also, I finally have a reason to hog the XBox.

3. Why haven't I uploaded my photos yet? I have much cuteness to share with the world. I'm way behind. At least I did laundry, though the elusive trip to the grocery store just gets harder each day, people.

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