Tuesday, March 17

Two directions

I'm torn between blogging a review of Rachel Getting Married (Anne Hathaway can act!) and posting about my new found fantasy baseball obsession. Obsession may be overstating it -- I just like to check my draft status periodically and then second- and third- and fourth-guess my draft picks. I mean, I can't really go wrong with "draft as many Red Sox players as possible" as my strategy, because no matter what numbers they put up, I'll still love them. I can't say the same for Brian Roberts (my new second baseman who needs to have a monster season yet still manage to lose every time he faces the Sox). Actually, I can't say the same for J.D. "Nancy" Drew who I warily drafted in a later round, as he's never won my heart despite that grand slam a while back. I could have drafted Anne Hathaway as her acting abilities might have enabled her to pull off the elusive "hidden-ball trick," but she was unavailable.

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