Tuesday, June 2

EVOO makes everything better

I stayed with Jen while I was in Boston last week, and as we were engaged in one of our usual late-night chats, I absently took off my glasses and started rubbing them on my t-shirt. You know, the way that every glasses-wearer does a million times a day. As I was doing this, I noticed a certain friction that shouldn't be there. When I looked down, I realized that there was some weird sticker fragment on my shirt that I was now rubbing onto my glasses, adhesive-side down, of course. I immediately commenced panicking, sure that I had ruined my lovely glasses and I was unemployed and broke and how was I going to fix this?

Jen and I moved to the kitchen, and first I tried Windex. No go. Now I had successfully smeared the adhesive all over the lens. I beseeched Jen for some Goo Gone, but she couldn't find any. Then she argued that maybe I shouldn't use it anyway, because it would hurt my lenses. To which I replied, "Goo Gone is just oil with orange smell in it!" She looked at me and said, "I have some olive oil?" I agreed to try this, and suggested a small amount be applied. Two tablespoons later, my glasses were adhesive free, though they smelled slightly of dinner.

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