Monday, June 8


We went to the Storm home-opener tonight -- not exactly surprising since we're season-ticket holders now. It was nice to go to a sporting event in Seattle and actually root for the home team, though. And true to their fans, the Storm came out with the win, beating Sacramento fairly easily, 80-70. It was good to see LJ back on the court (and in a Storm uniform), since we hadn't seen that since before the Olympic break last season. The new Aussie was suited up, but didn't play, but everyone else got in on the action. I'm still not sure about acquiring PeeWee Johnson -- she's a good point guard, but her best days are behind her. I'm still thinking someone's got to pick up Tan White. Inconsistent, sure, but still worth the roster spot (unless there's something I don't know, which is highly likely). It's going to be an interesting season, that's all I know for sure.

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