Wednesday, July 15

Trip report

This cold is sucking all my energy, but I'm determined to post about our trip to Southern California before it's really, really old news. We packed a helluva lot of stuff into our week, due in part to my rabid love of guide books. (I had two for this trip, and both were invaluable -- I was able to give lots of fun facts, which the kids totally loved. Yeah. Their basic response: When are we going to Disney?)

We were also able to incorporate seeing old friends into the trip, which was awesome. I met J.R.'s friend, Aye Jaye, and we watched him in action at the Magic Castle on the fourth. We also took a hike with Tom and Polly, which gave me an appreciation for just how freaking hot it can be down there. My friend Michelle was moving to Houston shortly after we arrived, but we still squeezed in time for dinner and the most fabulous pie ever (I went with Lemon Lush, and I don't care what everyone else got). We also got to hang out with Kara and had dinner at the Crab Pot, where I discovered the joy of food being dumped on the table. Also, I ate fish. I'm so proud. Tragically, I was too full to partake of the strawberry-rhubarb cake, and I'm still a little sad about that. Actually, a lot sad, now that you mention it.

Otherwise, it went like this: Walk of Fame, Hollywood sign, beach, Disney, Disney, Disney, San Diego Zoo! Baby giraffes! Did I mention baby giraffes? Also, baby meerkats.

(If you want to look at a bunch of my boring vacation shots, they can all be found here.)

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