Sunday, September 13

She's going the distance

I did not go for speed, but I managed to run all 3.1 miles of my first 5K race in over two years. I was very, very tired at the end. Now I need to find another race in a month or so -- that way I can actually be prepared to run the whole race, not just eke by on adrenaline. Bygones. The Iron Girl action was pretty rocking, and the whole event was well-organized. (Crucial in an event that starts so early in the morning!) The Iron Girl Seattle was a good choice for my return to running, too -- a nice flat course next to the water. It would have been perfect if it had been just a wee bit cooler. Next year.

And speaking of getting things done, I have made it through Emma and Persuasion, and I am now on my final Austen novel: Northanger Abbey. I have eight days to read it in order to say I finished them all this summer. I have faith that I can make it. (Quick reviews for those who care: Emma = Eh. Liked Clueless better. Persuasion = Fast read, good stuff. Might be my second fave after P&P.)

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