Wednesday, September 23

This post brought to you by tape delay

I finally finished watching the Emmys today -- yup, the beautiful world of the DVR allowed me not to miss Neil Patrick Harris's big night whilst I was flying back from L.A. I gotta say, Neil was pretty funny, and the show moved along nicely. I'm entirely sick of Mad Men winning best drama, but I guess I can't complain because the Daily Show won its 8,000th award, and I was okay with that. (Because Jon Stewart is, in fact, Jon Stewart. Virtually incapable of doing wrong.) Bygones. The dresses were lovely in general (aside from the Scottish director-lady who needed better foundation garments), but no one made any big statements with clothes. (Okay, I will also say that LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell needed better tuxes.) And, of course, the in memoriam made me cry like a baby. Patrick Swayze! Bea Arthur! Paul Newman. Damn.

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