Wednesday, October 14

Musical theater

Last night, we went to see John Wesley Harding at the Triple Door. You know I love a man with a guitar, which is exactly what this was, making it a bit of a change from the last time I saw Harding with his whole cabinet. Bygones. The setlist was magnificent, the guitar-playing stunning (how does he goes so fast? and make it sound so good?), and the food most excellent. Plus, we were seated in a booth right in the front, which was cool except that I felt bad whenever I was eating while he was singing (which was often, because did I mention how good the food was?). Also, Jon Auer sat behind us, which pleased J.R. no end. (He promptly went on Twitter and followed him. That's okay, because I promptly followed Harding.) All in all, a wonderful evening. Plus, I scored two CDs, one all signed and shit. Sweet.

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