Saturday, January 2

Day one

Okay, so I wasn't going to start another book until I finished War and Peace (only 274 pages left now!), but Plum Spooky just came out in paperback. And it was ridiculously cheap at QFC. And I'm pretty sure it's not about war. In Russia. In the winter. With the Russians. I need a break, people. Plum Spooky will probably be finished in a day, with hardly any time taken away from Mr. Tolstoy. And I'm still sticking to my other resolutions -- you know, with the exercising and the healthy eating and all. Sure, today there were a lot of brownies and snacks and J.R.'s yummy beef-barley soup. But tomorrow! Tomorrow, I finish War and Peace, eat healthy, and exercise. And swear less and shit.

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