Friday, January 15

Who do you think you are?

Sometimes, what I miss most about a regular job is the driving. I know, who misses their commute? But it always gave me an opportunity to just listen to music, think, chill, etc. It also gave me an excellent place to turn that shit up, really, really loud. So, this afternoon, I'm rocking out on 405 to some Black Label Society, and I realize how utterly ridiculous I must look -- a 30something woman in a fucking Toyota Highlander, blaring hard rock. And occasionally throwing the goat. I mean, it wasn't even the Saturn, people. True, a '97 SC2 isn't exactly cool, but there's something about its beater status that fits in with the angry music. I looked like a soccer mom out there. And I kind of am. But I'm a soccer mom who listens to Em and Black Label Society! And occasionally, Barbra Streisand. Bygones.

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