Sunday, May 16

Cupcakes are becoming a theme

Tasting menuSo, we had a little girls' night last night -- you know, the usual, booze, pizza, a couple of chick flicks, and oh, yeah, a cupcake tasting. We hit Cupcake Royale, New York Cupcakes, and PinkaBella cupcakes. They were pretty universally delicious, but I enjoyed the Boston Creme Cutie the most for sheer nostalgia's sake. The s'mores cupcake's frosting was a bit much, as was the frosting on the dulce de leche cupcake, but the cake on that bad boy was out of this world. I was eagerly anticipating the margarita lime cupcake, but there was salt on the frosting, which was a little strange -- though again, I enjoyed the cake part.

All in all, a delightful evening -- no boys allowed. (And only later did we realize that the two flicks we picked -- Return to Me and Sleepless in Seattle -- both featured leading men with dead wives. Cupcakes and dead wives! That's my new motto.)

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