Tuesday, May 11

A long, long way to ride

J.R. and I decided to try a new bike trail yesterday, so we packed up the bikes and headed down to the Green River Trail. J.R. had been all clever and mapped out a route that took us down the Green River trail and back up the Interurban trail south. That would have been awesome -- we've been mostly doing out-and-backs, which are not as good because you see the same shit twice, thusly not distracting you from the whole exercise/pain thing. Bygones.

The point is this: The Green River Trail was closed. Who knew? Perhaps a fair number of people, but no one we ran into while trying to navigate the closed trail. Since the pretty trail was a no-go, we had to do another out-and-back on the Interurban, which was a very straight and pretty fucking boring trail. That was all well and good, but I don't know if the straightness fooled us or what, but we totally misjudged how far we'd gone. By the time we made it back to the car, we'd ridden a total of 23.23 miles. Dude, we practically biked a marathon. And while I'm all proud and shit, my ass kills right now.

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