Tuesday, June 8

One really good guy

Is there anything I don't love Bradley Whitford in? I think my love of Josh Lyman is well documented, and while Studio 60 was not my favorite show, I still loved Bradley in it. And now that's he's in The Good Guys, I'm in, too. He's frickin' hilarious, people, and in a completely different way from his previous characters. The mustache alone cracks me up, as well as ridiculous lines like, "Let's go bust some punks." (Quickly becoming my go-to quote, right behind "I really am ruggedly handsome.") Colin Hanks makes a decent foil as the straight man, and I hope someday to get over the "Hey! That dude looks a lot like Tom ... Right." We're only a few episodes in, but I'm pleased so far and I'm hoping it's just going to get better from here.

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