Wednesday, June 16

Same shit, different year

Wow. Seven years later, and the same shit is still pissing me off. You'd think sports columnists would get sick of spouting the same drivel over and over, but no. Don't like the WNBA? Don't watch, dumbass, and for fuck's sake, please don't write about it. Although, in a way, I guess it continues to generate publicity for the league, and it proves that people do, in fact, know that the WNBA exists. Even if they don't know the top draft pick. (Tina Charles, if you're interested. And just as a sidenote, I love sports. Nearly all of them. And Tina is the only #1 draft pick that I can name -- don't know who it was for the NBA, NFL, or MLB this year.)

Update: Awesome response to the article from the guy over at 13 Teams, 1 Journey. And he did it all with way less swearing than me. Just a snippet:
"To compare apples to oranges (WNBA to NBA) is to say that men and women exist in a homogeneous grouping, genetically, physically, and cognitively. We know this not to be true. Does this make one better than the other? Absolutely not. Even though the argument between the genders has raged on for centuries, and I doubt it will stop any time soon. However, for Mr. Pearlman’s point, and his use of it, proves little, and validates less."

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