Tuesday, July 20

Cooling down

Cloudy and cool Seattle welcomed us back last night, and I have to say, it was delightful. On the way home, I played the Las Vegas mix, which currently only includes "Leaving Las Vegas" by Sheryl Crow and "Vegas Baby" by the Weepies. Clearly, I must add "Viva Las Vegas," but what else am I missing? This playlist is suffering mightily in comparison to my California mix. (Said mix is a magnum opus, people, and includes 23 songs, seven of which are titled, simply, "California.")


Adam said...

How about the album Vegas by The Crystal Method and everything by the band Dirty Vegas ("Days Go By" is probably the only thing you'd recognize).

I also see "Don't Make Me Come to Vegas" by Tori Amos, and a band called Death in Vegas. (=

Blue Man Group's first album Audio reminds me of Las Vegas too since that's where I first saw their (awesome) theater show.

How about "Who Are You?" by the Who, the theme used by CSI: Las Vegas? (=

Carolyn said...

"Las Vegas Dealer" by Gomez.
"Your Love Is Like Las Vegas" by The Thrills

and then there are songs that are on the soundtrack of the show "Las Vegas"

like "A Little Less Conversation" Elvis Presley. "Suspicious Minds" Wayne Newton. "Let It Ride" Charlie Clouser. "Wonderful Night" Fatboy Slim.