Wednesday, July 28

A whole 'nother ball game

Last night, we went to see the Storm play the Phoenix Mercury. On the line? Clinching the number 1 seed in the Western Conference. I have to admit, in the first half, the Storm didn't look like they wanted to win. They looked confused and overmatched. But then -- I don't know if it was extra-special Gatorade or whatever Agler said at halftime, but the second half was an entirely different story. They were focused, tough on defense, and I swear, I screamed and clapped more than I have in a long, long time. I hope there were a few people watching on ESPN, because that was a damn good game. I'm actually kind of bummed I didn't tape it myself, because I'd love to hear the commentary. Also, I wouldn't mind reliving it without all the anxiety of 'Will the Storm pull this off?' I love this team.

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