Friday, December 10

Miles to go before I sleep

I am spent. The long Thanksgiving holiday was awesome -- I got to see my family and my friends lots -- but I've come back to a ton of work (both the "do this because we pay you" kind and the "do this because it's what you expect of yourself at the holidays and yes, you goddamn will send cards to everyone you know with handwritten notes and buy everyone gifts that they want and decorate the tree and make Christmas cookies" kind). (There should technically be hyphens in all that crap preceding "kind," but I'm too tired to put them in.) I didn't realize it until the other day, but this is the first Christmas I've been working full-time since I moved to Seattle. And while I worked full-time all the time in Boston, the long-distance Christmas involves a lot more shenanigans. The problem is this: I like Christmas. I like writing cards and trimming the tree and decorating the house and annoying the shit out of J.R. with Barbra Streisand Christmas carols. So I'm just going to need a wee bit more time to fit in all the "need to" stuff along with the "want to" stuff. So, it's 28-hour days from here until the big day. Um'kay?

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