Friday, January 7

Grown-ups night out

J.R. and I went to see True Grit tonight (the children descend over the weekend, and it's really not on their "must-see" list). It was really, really good. Funny, gritty, and filled with some great performances. Jeff Bridges was fabulous as ever, and Matt Damon was pretty hysterical. The actress who played the girl, Hailee Steinfeld, was also really good (though I think it's hilarious how they kept calling her ugly in the movie). I'm intrigued to see the original now, but I probably should wait awhile so that I'm not constantly comparing the cast. (Who am I kidding? That will totally happen anyway.)

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Carolyn said...

I think the old movie tells the story in a significantly different way -- all from Cogburn's point of view rather than the girls. So you'll be comparing but not a straight comparison. :) My dad just re-read the book and said the snakepit scene is WAY WORSE in the book, like so much worse that he could hardly bear to turn the page!!