Monday, January 24

Money well spent

Apparently, advertising works. At least on me, for I am extremely vulnerable to suggestion when it comes to hair products. And moisturizer. And that is why when I saw J. Lo hawking EverSleek, I knew I had to have it. The truth is, I get bored with my shampoo long before I use up an entire bottle, and thusly, I usually have at least two to three shampoo/conditioner sets going at a time. Plus, my hair is never smooth or sleek like women on TV. Clearly, I need to spend more money on my shampoo and I will be amazingly! beautiful! Or something.

Also, if I buy an entire skincare line, my skin will magically no longer be weirdly dry in places, a condition I have suffered from since moving to the incredibly damp Northwest. I keep resisting the "look younger now" skincare lines because I really don't give a shit if I have wrinkles, I just don't want skin so dry it flakes off. A not unreasonable request, I think. Bygones. The point is this: I am a cheap media whore. With (hopefully) sleek hair and non-dry skin.


Carolyn said...

dude, have you tried a sample of Oro Fluido? it will make your hair the sleeeeeekest ever and you only use a teeeeensytiny dab in your hand. and can continue to use whatever shampoo/conditioner is going on as it's a separate leave-in thing.

J.R. said...

There are currently 14 products in the shower not counting my bar of soap.