Sunday, March 6

A few of my favorite things

I love making J.R. watch romantic comedies and then cackling to myself when he obviously enjoys them. For instance, tonight I made him watch Notting Hill, which, to be perfectly frank, has some flaws (beginning and ending mostly with Julia Roberts), but nonetheless, is a movie I enjoy (even years after I've gotten over my massive crush on Hugh Grant). The whole thing is almost as much fun as making him watch the Gilmore Girls, which he maintains he doesn't like, but I'm not buying it. Who doesn't love snappy banter?


Michael said...

Honestly, I just rediscovered the fact that I once had a blog. The internet, google specifically, scares the hell out of me. I think I even hate it.

Patricia Elizabeth Arriaza said...

I can't say I love Notting Hill but I watch it often and I usually skip right to the dinner scene. It's funny and touching and that, for sure, I do love.