Sunday, March 27

They don't call it madness for nothing

Ah, the thick of March Madness, when my blood runs orange and ESPN rules my television. I have discovered that my magical Xbox is even more magical than previously thought (achievements! President Bartlett as a character on my favorite game! Streaming Netflix movies!): It now brings me women's basketball games in their entirety. For any of you not familiar with the coverage of the Big Dance, during the NCAA tournament, many games happen at once. ESPN handles this craziness by utilizing something it calls "whiparound coverage," which means they're going to show you little bits of a bunch of games you don't care about -- unless you reside in the home state of your favorite team, and thusly you are "protected." As we all know, I do not live in Tennessee. Nor do I want to, except for the remote possibility of running into Pat Summit at the grocery store. Bygones. The point is this: There is no way ESPN is showing the Lady Vols kill Stetson if you don't live in Tennessee. Unless you have an Xbox!

While this was a delightful feature previously, it totally saved my bacon yesterday when I somehow completely forgot that the Vols were playing Ohio State at 9 a.m. (It may have had something to do with the fact that basketball was being played at 9 fucking a.m. I'm just saying.) When I realized in the middle of the afternoon that I'd totally forgotten to watch my favorite team, I was terrified. ESPN on demand on my Xbox to the rescue! It was awesome. Also awesome? Beating Ohio State.

Not awesome? My dogs cowering in fear when I yell at the TV during the games. You'd think they'd be used to that shit after football season.

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