Friday, April 22


J.R. and I went to see the Adjustment Bureau last week in an attempt to be grown-ups who leave their house from time to time to go places other than the grocery store and McDonalds. It was very exciting. And I actually enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Matt Damon has a very solid leading-man presence, and the movie itself actually has a kind of old-fashioned feel to it – the story builds without explosions and the romance is there without any overt nudity or sex scenes (because, let’s face it, while I love me some Matt Damon the idea of him doing some sweaty love scene is kind of creepy). Bygones. The movie wasn’t perfect; given free reign, I would have ended the film several minutes before the director chose to, but I am a fan of the less-is-more school of thought. Also, I hate epilogues.

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