Thursday, September 8

I've seen the mountaintop

Mount Rainier
For Labor Day, J.R. and I took a day trip up to Mount Rainier, which meant the opportunity for a shit ton of photos of the mountain, evergreen trees, and random patches of snow that were still fucking frozen in September. It was pretty much good times, even though I'm scared of heights and it turns out that eating dinner in a converted train car isn't the great idea you originally thought it was. Bygones. The point is this: After much clutching of the door handle whilst we wound our way up that big-ass mountain that is also a volcano (though I try not to think about that part), we made it to Paradise. And we hiked up to see some pretty falls. And we caught some reflections on the way back.

And it only took me four years to get there.

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Anonymous said...

Canada's next! Get thee to a passport office, Garrett.