Thursday, October 6

Sweet Jane

Last night, I watched the latest production of Jane Eyre, and I was blown away. It was a beautiful movie -- from the writing to the acting to the way it was filmed. I was totally engrossed in this world, and even though I knew the story (no self-respecting English major hasn’t read the Brontes), I was still eager to see what would happen next because of how well they played up the gothic-mystery element. Mia Wasikowska did a fantastic job as Jane, as did Michael Fassbender as Rochester. When it ended, I almost wanted to start it all over and watch it again. (I haven’t done that since watching Priest twice late one night in college. And no, not the horror-flick Priest, the one that was about grappling with religious issues and homosexuality with a surprisingly hot Linus Roache.)

Bygones. I feel like I should re-read Jane Eyre now, but I fear I won’t love it as much as I loved this movie. I've always been more of an Austen girl than a Bronte-lover. Plus, I vaguely remember having to slog through a lot of orphan-girl-being-treated-badly before we got to the good stuff, and the movie did a beautiful job including that backstory with short flashbacks. Also, for some weird reason, the only copy I own is so old the binding is nothing but tape -- perhaps I should take this opportunity to upgrade my library?

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