Thursday, November 17

Where have you been

I feel like I've been incredibly busy lately, but I can't say doing what. Work has been a bit hectic and stressful, but that doesn't seem to account for it. To be truthful, I don't feel like I've been present. Not so much that I'm going through the motions, but sometimes I feel like I'm just living without even noticing it. Time is just ... moving.

Anyway, J.R. and I started watching Revenge and were completely caught up in a few days. (Such trash, but in a good way.) New Girl is so ridiculously funny that we'll watch an episode twice in a row. Also, I read books, but none that you need to know about. Oh! And we went to wine country and didn't drink wine, but we did attend a beautiful wedding.

And tomorrow, I'm off to Boston for the giving of the thanks and the wearing of the eating pants. Also, seeing the friends, family, etc. I think I may make my annual "blog more" New Year's Resolution early, people. But not the eat-better/exercise-more shit. That's got to wait until January.

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