Friday, December 21

The end of the world as we know it

Depending on how you look at things, today is either the darkest day of the year, the end of the world, or my birthday. I say: Why not all three?

I can't believe it's already been another year -- I'd say I don't feel older, but after working a metric ton this past year, I definitely feel old. And I'm pretty sure there's some grey hair going on that I don't even want to think about. For now, I'm going to concentrate on my to-do list for today, which includes:
  1. Get up. [Done!]
  2. Drag ass to work. [Done!]
  3. Blog. [Done!]
  4. Marvel at the beauty of curled ribbon. [Ongoing]
  5. Edit the entire world (or two mortgage magazines) before Christmas break.
  6. Finish packing.
  7. Get on plane.

1 comment:

David Johnsen said...

...and I feel fine.

I hope you do, too. Happy Birthday!