Sunday, July 14

All mixed up

Well, I've done it. It's not perfect (I'm still unsure of some of the transitions), and there may be some really good Ohio-related songs out there that I've somehow missed, but I've come up with a 24-song Ohio playlist. This is not a comprehensive playlist by any accounts; I found several songs on iTunes that I could have included but I didn't. Those selections were purely a matter of my taste and what I felt was the overall mood of the playlist. (Somehow "Cleveland Rocks" just didn't go with all the other depressing/moody/dark songs on here, but I felt I had to include John Denver's song because it was about Toledo! So, as you see, arbitrary. Bygones.) I have to say, though, that I pretty much love this playlist -- although I will be the first to admit that I'm a bit biased. J.R. did pay it the ultimate compliment of "I didn't even roll my eyes once," which, I assure you, is high praise.

Here it is:
Ohio, So Far Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
My City Was Gone, Pretenders
Burn On, Randy Newman
Look At Miss Ohio, Gillian Welch
Lisbon, OH, Bon Iver
Ohio, Honeyhoney
Cincinnati, The New Seekers
Ohio, Damien Jurado
Cuyahoga River Blues, Will Quinlan
On the Banks of the Ohio, The Monroe Brothers
Ohio, Patty Griffin
Youngstown, Bruce Springsteen
To Ohio, The Low Anthem
Ohio, Over the Rhine
Cuyahoga, R.E.M.
Carry Me Ohio, Sun Kil Moon
Cincinnati, Julie Neumark
Cleveland, Jewel
Ohio, Saving Jane
Cross The Cuyahoga, Lizzy Ross
Ohio, Austin Hartley-Leonard
Bloodbuzz Ohio, The National
Ohio, The Black Keys
Saturday Night In Toledo, Ohio, John Denver


David Johnsen said...

I was just thinking about this yesterday when I was listening to Two Cow Garage, a band from Columbus (coincidentally, I'm reading a book by a member of Watershed, also from Columbus). One of their songs is "Youngstown, The City of". Another is "Glass City" but I don't think it's about Toledo. No "WKRP", eh?

Jen said...

I really wanted to include a Columbus song, but I couldn't find any that were about Columbus, Ohio, and not "Columbus, sailor." I considered WKRP, but left it out for two reason: One, the original version isn't available on iTunes and I didn't want to buy a $20 2-disc compilation of theme songs. Two, it gets stuck in your head so easily and it would overwhelm any song that came before or after it.

Now I need to check out these Two Cow Garage songs, though.