Sunday, September 14

Insert poncy accent here

My love for British mysteries continues, although it doesn't seem necessary for the authors to actually be British, as long as their books are set somewhere in Great Britain, be it modern day or post-WWI. Either way works for me. I've really been enjoying the Ruth Galloway series from Elly Griffiths, although I was initially hesitant because I'm not a big fan of "forensic" mysteries. These are centered around forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway, but there's actually fairly little forensics or archaeology involved (and for me, that's a good thing). I've also picked up the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series by Deborah Crombie, but there are a lot more of these already in the bag, so I'm still behind. Bygones. The point is this: After reading all these mysteries about the British, when you watch The Honorable Woman, which is set in London, and some lady is supposed to be playing an American, you pick up a few things. Like, no American is going to say that she and her boyfriend had a "row" when she means they had an argument. Also, during that fight, if he threw shit around, she wouldn't say he "pitched" things about. Pitched a fit, sure. Clearly, all this reading has helped me become more critical. Like I really needed any help in that department.

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