Friday, March 13

Out of this world

Okay, so I totally lied. I didn't watch grown-up stuff. Well, I did expose J.R. to the joys of The Usual Suspects and Children of a Lesser God, but I'd already seen those movies. Left to my own devices (and the evil temptress that is Netflix), I've been watching Roswell. Yes, the late '90s drama about teen aliens. I admit, sometimes I roll my eyes so hard I give myself a headache, but for the most part, it's fun. Some of the fun, it's true, comes from watching actors as teenagers who I knew only from their later work. (Katherine Heigl, I'm looking at you. Colin Hanks! The Good Guys! Too soon. Sigh.)

My greatest joy, however, was discovering that the series was created from the brilliant mind of Jason Katims, who brought us the ridiculously good Friday Night Lights, then followed up with the quiet but brilliant Parenthood (I miss you already), and the so-far, so-hilarious About a Boy. Who knew this is where he got started? (Well, I imagine he knew. And people who watched Roswell when it was actually televised.) Sign me up for whatever this man does next.

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