Tuesday, December 10

Movies I always stop and watch (Robert Redford edition)

For whatever reason, whenever certain movies cross my screen, I must watch them. Is that Say Anything? I am now busy for the next two hours. Most of my other must-watch list would not be surprising to any reader of this blog (Some Kind of Wonderful, Reality Bites, Gone With the Wind, Working Girl -- the classics, people). But for some reason, I cannot not watch Three Days of the Condor. Is this the best Robert Redford movie ever? No. (Probably The Way We Were wins my vote for acting and Ordinary People for best Redford movie without an actual appearance by Bobby (and also wins as one of the saddest movies I absolutely fucking love). Sure, you bitches are going to be all, "But what about All the President's Men? Or The Sting? Or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? To which I will reply: Babs. And also, have you even seen This Property Is Condemned? And you didn't mention it? Shut it.) The point is this: I have no rational reason for loving Three Days of the Condor, and yet I do. It's eminently watchable. Is it Redford playing an out-of-his-league spy? Faye Dunaway being the weird photographer who is weirdly (not weirdly! Hello, he is Robert. Redford.) drawn to the Condor? I don't know. It just works, people. It just works.

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