Friday, December 17

That didn't go quite as planned

So, I didn't read those books. To be fair, I read other books, just not those. I continued to anxiety-read my way through 2021, but no regrets. I managed to not lose my shit completely, which with the state of the world, was a pretty big accomplishment. There was a brief two- to three-week period where I had some optimism post-vaccine, but then ... yeah. I'm in general awe of those people who have managed to keep a running journal of the pandemic, because I can barely compose two posts in a year. One of which was primarily a photo. If I had done other posts, they probably would have looked like this: photo of one of my dogs; photo of all of my dogs; another photo of my dogs; photo of just two of my dogs with guilt for not including the third. 

In other year-end wrap-up news, I managed to see one movie in theaters this year (Black Widow in that brief window mentioned earlier); I haven't really embarked on new shows, though I did go through the Marvel shows on Disney+ once Sam successfully wore me down; I read a bunch of romance novels (see first paragraph); and weirdly enough, work picked up for me in the second-half of the year, which was good but also really, really tiring. I'm eager for the new year and a little down time to ... hang out with my dogs some more?

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