Tuesday, January 21

Back at work after a lovely three-day weekend, and all anyone can talk about is the Golden Globes. Which is just fine with me, because I am full of opinions -- as well as questions, including, what is going on with Sharon Stone? And what the hell was Lara Flynn Boyle thinking? Jennifer forgot to thank Brad (let's give this union another 3-6 months), but that may have been caused by the black gunk obscuring her vision. The Shield won big; I may actually need to check this out, although I suspect that, much like the Sopranos, it's just not for me. I wanted Six Feet Under to win, partly because I've had a crush on Peter Krause since Sports Night, and partly because it's weird, wonderful television. I was glad Tony Shaloub won for Monk, but that was the only real moment of pleasure for me. I haven't seen the Hours yet, or Chicago, or....It still irritates me how they hold the "contenders" until the 11th hour. I get behind because life gets in the way of going to the movies sometimes. Dammit.

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