Wednesday, January 22

Last night, I came home to a post card from Health magazine. I was about to throw it away (since I don't read Health, nor do I really care to) when the words "Sports Illustrated Women" caught my eye.
We regret to inform you that Sports Illustrated Women ceased publication with the December 2002 issue. The balance of your subscription is being transferred to Health, the award winning magazine that celebrates fitness and total wellness.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that "fitness and total wellness" is not why I subscribed to SI:Women. It's about sports, people. In particular, women's sports -- you know, the ones that don't get covered by Sports Illustrated because the women aren't in bikinis. I had really begun to think that women athletes were starting to make some progress -- from the WNBA to professional women's soccer, from Women's Basketball magazine to SI:Women. I wonder how much longer WB magazine will be around. For that matter, I wonder how much longer the WNBA will be around. Visit SI: Women while it still lives on the web. Where will we go now?

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