Saturday, March 29

For all my friends in Denmark, I saw Connie Nielsen in Basic today. Connie is one hot Dane. However, she cannot pull off a Southern accent to save her life. There are a few accents that cannot be faked well: Southern, Scottish, and Southern Californian (I also feel that northern Ohioan is tough--luckily, few attempt that one). If you weren't raised in those places, don't try to pull it off. In addition to Connie's misguided vocalizations, the script was just basically misguided. A little tip to all the screenwriters out there: After the 45th twist in the plot, the audience is lost. And no longer cares what happens to your Dane sporting a poorly rendered Southern accent who did however have a few fun moments kicking John Travolta's ass. If only she would have knocked him hard enough to convince him that a sequel to Battlefied: Earth was really a Very Bad Idea.

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