Sunday, March 30

I spent the night at my sister's place in scenic Nashua, N.H. It always feels like a reprieve from my life--to be a daughter, a sister, instead of just me. I think we tend to forget the simple joys of the sleep-over once we're not 12 anymore. It's nice not being at home, where there are bills to pay, and calls to return, and responsible, grown-up type things to do at all times. Like blogging at midnight. Yeah, like that.

And I got to watch the Villanova-Colorado game with my sister's boyfriend. Okay, part of the game. Men seem to be not so enthralled with women's sports. 'Nova squeaked past Colorado 53-51. Now, prior to their defeat of UConn, I didn't like 'Nova for many reasons (okay, two reasons): They beat BC, and their ultra-slow-mo playing style drives me nuts. I love basketball because it's so fast-paced. They just run the clock down. I'm way too impatient for that. I can't wait to see them play the Lady Vols, who push the tempo at all times.

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