Wednesday, March 5

I took a personality test, which was your basic, 'we-want-to-sell-you-something' deal. The first result was so off-base, I won't republish it here, but suffice it so say, they called me "a free spirit." Yeah, right.

My second attempt netted me this:
"Well, aren't you the partier? You live life on the wild side; you're always ready to go out and have a good time. Not one to let new experiences pass you by, you eat up life with a spoon. You are energetic, outgoing and direct. Your personal style falls on the swanky side of the dial. You, my friend, have just been entered to win a trip to sin city, LAS VEGAS."

This one, however, also misses the mark. Here's how it should read:
Well, aren't you a geek? You live life in front of your computer or the TV screen. You're always ready to kick back and bitch with a margarita in one hand and another margarita in the other. You are a lazy, procrastinating bum who is likely to get fired soon. But that's okay! Because that will give you more time to tweak your website design!

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