Wednesday, March 5

I used to have a roommate that was hardly ever home, so she would occasionally call and leave me a voice-mail: "Hi, Jen. Just calling to let you know I'm not dead." I always appreciated those calls. Maybe because I was glad to hear her voice, or maybe because I'm a paranoid freak.

This morning when I arrived to work, I was greeted with "Jen! You're not dead!" Which, I had to agree, was true. Apparently, a fatal accident on the J-Way last night had my friends worried about me. It's a little silly of me, I know, but it was really nice to have people happy that I was not dead.

[On a more serious note, the Jamaicaway (J-Way) is a dangerous place to drive. An article in the Dec. 22, 2002, Boston Globe asked if it was the most dangerous roadway in Boston. I would say, yes.]

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