Monday, April 14

Female fighter pilots

Female fighter pilots take on challenges full throttle
[Capt. Jessica] Rhyne is an F-16CJ Fighting Falcon pilot. Her job is suppression of enemy air defenses. Each time she flies a SEAD mission, she puts her life and her aircraft on the line to launch high-speed anti-radiation missiles on target. She travels to the hot spots of the world, where she relies partly on her state-of-the-art equipment and partly on her wits to survive.
Just 10 years ago, her job was not open to women. Although women have been entering pilot training since 1976, before 1993, government officials did not believe women had the "right stuff" for combat.
Rhyne always believed she did.
My dad (working at WPAFB) sent the link with the message "Go girls!!" I love my dad.

On a side note, anyone want to tell me why using blockquote tags makes my normal paragraphs go all wonky? No? Okay.

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