Sunday, April 13

Save the Shade

I'm cruising CVS today, and I am inexplicably drawn, as always, to the crayon/marker section of the store. They've got a new 100 crayon box of Crayolas, in honor of Crayola's Centennial. I support boxes of 100 crayons. I still have their first-issue box of 96 (it's a collector's item, people). While I'm contemplating purchasing a new box of 100 (my other crayons are getting old ... and there are four more colors), I see it. The notice. Crayola is retiring four colors, and they're asking people to vote for one color to save out of five possible retirees. How am I supposed to make such an important decision?

The options are burnt siena, blizzard blue, mulberry, teal blue, and magic mint. Now, first, may I say that they can go ahead and retire such trumped-up colors as "blizzard blue" and "magic mint" (or macaroni and cheese! What is that?), but you can't retire such necessary hues as mulberry, teal blue, or burnt sienna. Burnt sienna is excellent for putting highlights in brown hair, and mulberry is a vital component of the red/purple spectrum. And teal -- it's teal. You just need it.

I voted. I won't tell you which one made my cut, but rest assured I thought long and hard before voting these crayons off the color island.

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