Sunday, April 6

Grr. Argh.
My normal level of crankiness goes through the roof when I hit sites like I'm innocently trying to log out of my Hotmail account, and first they have to give me a page confirming my logout (I'm not that freaking paranoid, okay?) and then they automatically redirect me to their stupid homepage which take 8,000 years to load because of all the useless crap and graphics they have on it. Same time lag happens when I try to read an MSNBC article. Look, I want some text and links, okay? Maybe a graphic--"a," as in single, one, minimal.

And it's daylight savings time again, which means I'm losing an hour. A precious hour of my weekend. See why I'm so cranky?

Okay, you're right. I'm always this cranky. Shut it.

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