Saturday, April 5

Just your average Saturday afternoon
Working on some site redesign (yes, again. I'll keep working on it until I'm happy...and then I'll get bored and start all over again, okay? Don't say I didn't warn you). Doing laundry. Watching way too much TLC, including a interesting show called "Faking It," about a straight boy who wants to try out life as a drag queen. I also watched the first 10 minutes of a show about repairing facial deformities...when they pulled the bone out to show us what they were using for the grafts, I was done. Now I'm watching my tape of Angel. (Yes, I am a Joss Whedon ho. You got a problem with that?) Sitting here, drinking a Cherry Coke (you capitalize Coke, but do you capitalize the cherry?), worrying about grammar rules, watching the snow fall. Just another typical April day in New England.

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