Saturday, May 31

Foiled again

I got up today, pleasantly surprised by the sunlight peeking under my curtains and determined to get rid of the pile of wood on my floor. Today, a pile of wood was going to become a bookcase, by golly. I boldly sallied forth to buy stain and realized ... the sun had left. Eh, whatever, I can handle cloudy. I buy the stain (guy at the hardware store was very helpful and I went with a low-lustre clear satin finish), grab a wrap at the Purple Cactus (can't be bothered to make my own food, I've got staining to do!), and head back to the pile of wood.

I put my radio in the window, crank up WBCN, and start taking the wood out onto the porch. I whip out my new sander and ready the planks for their new finish. (On a side note, I am now convinced that sanding is the greatest activity in the world. If you ever need anything sanded, let me know, and I will be on your doorstep in moments, sander in hand). I open the stain, I select my first piece of wood, and there it is: a drop. "Summer sprinkle, no problems," I think -- after all, I can still see the sun. I get the trim piece for the top of the bookcase stained when it become obvious that it is indeed raining.

Some day this mighty pile of wood will be a bookcase, dammit. Just not today.

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