Friday, May 30


You know you've been working too hard when a) you think the above title is humorous and b) you start to edit other people's blogs. It's a sickness, people. I can't help myself. I am moments away from sending unnamed blogger an e-mail with a few polite tips. Something like:
Dear Unnamed Blogger,
Can we discuss a few things, like your most recent blog? Yeah. Let's talk about sentence structure for a bit, shall we? Okay. Basics: Subject verb. We like it when these two things agree. More on that later. Next: It's a good idea to use a dictionary if you don't know the difference between 'with' and 'will.' Advanced mechanics: When using an em-dash (--) to interrupt a sentence, the sentence needs to be able to function after lifting out that which is enclosed in dashes. For example: Your excellent blog -- which I tend to read daily -- needs an editor.
Much love,
A Concerned Reader
Call me the Grammar Bitch. I can't help it.