Thursday, July 24

All blogs, all the time

Biz and I went to the blog meeting at Harvard tonight -- somehow managing to sail through traffic between Wellesley and Cambridge. I'm telling you, today was a good day.

It was good to meet up with other bloggers to talk about techy things (permalinks, RSS, etc.) as well as the potential and future of blogging. Wellesley really needs to get cracking on bringing blogs into the academic sphere; the potential to share knowledge through blogs is huge.

It was also good to connect blogging to actual people, a live community. I got to see the Redhead; I got to listen to Dave Winer talk shop; and I met Christopher Lydon, who is doing some great work with audioblogging. I'm surprised by how much I enjoy listening to a "post"; Wil Wheaton's audioblog fascinates me, but I thought that was because I was listening to Wil Wheaton diss Star Wars: Episode I. Blogging, for me at least, is a solitary activity. Other people may read my posts and even comment on them, but my site is much more of a monologue than a dialogue. Somehow, listening to bloggers speak instead of write makes it feel more like a conversation. (But don't expect me to put my voice on the web anytime soon. There is nothing worse than hearing your voice recorded -- I have to do that enough for my job.)

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