Thursday, July 24

Cut on the gender bias

Obviously, I'm a feminist. I'm not afraid to say it. Sometimes things get a bit outta hand and terms like "gender bias" come into the lexicon and it just makes me want to hurl. Today, however, ms. musings features a post on women and the, er, blogeratti, a topic which I had commented on a while back. It seems that women are underrepresented in the technology field in general, so it doesn't surprise me that they are less widely renowned in the blogosphere. Ms. Musings includes a listing of various blogs by women, which I intend to check out -- not strictly because the writers are female, but because I'm always on the lookout for good blogs to read.

On a side note, I put my own blogroll to the gender bias test, and I am proud to report that I am almost perfectly 50-50. I have 8 blogs written by women, 8 written by men, one written by me and Stone (but about a woman), and the rest are group blogs with various authorship. This concludes Jen's patting herself on the back. Thank you for listening.

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