Tuesday, July 8

Bad karma

I have bad car karma. I get it from my mother. What she did in another life to piss off the automotive gods, I don't know but she has always had wretched luck with vehicles. I've fared slightly better, but this morning as I went to open my sunroof to relieve the already oppressive heat, my car karma came back to bite me in the ass. There was a strange noise and my sunroof was stuck half-open. This wouldn't make me too upset if it weren't for two things: 1. I just replaced my sunroof motor in the fall. 2. It's summer and my sunroof is as air-conditioned as my car gets. I managed bravely not to cry or bang my head on the steering wheel. The lovely people at my car dealership have agreed to shut the stupid thing before it starts to rain, and I have an appointment for repair next week -- when you'll get the "I'm so broke and I hate cars" blog. Always something to look forward to here at being jennifer garrett.

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